I landed. Sicily

The ‘I landed’ exhibition continues in Sicily, Catania.

‘I landed’ is a series of experiences that allow you to discover the fragments that make up the identity of a unique natural and cultural world, a Mediterranean island.

(Re)discover the uniqueness of Sicily and the art that was born out of the exchange between the artists and the local scientists, cultural arts artists, and musicians.

The opening will happen on the 19th of December in isola Catania, Catania, Sicily.

Doors are open at 18.00.

18.00 Workshop “Meditating on Corallium rubrum” by Lucy Orta. Mediated by Magda Masano. Sound piece by Ruben Solar.

19.00 Presentation of the project by curators Elena Posokhova and Mariagrazia Pontorno.


Max Fouchy

Olga Sabko

Edgar Sarin

Chloé Silbano

Sheldon Saliba

Rosa Borredá

Lucy Orta

Vince Briffa

Lisa Boostani

The exhibition is on view until the 30th of December 2022.

isola Catania, Piazza Cardinale Pappalardo, 23, 95131 Catania CT, Italy.

Curated by Elena Posokhova & co-curated by Mariagrazia Pontorno.

How to participate

This event is organized by Marlands in partnership with isola Catania, on the occasion of Make in South | Winter edition.

By registering for the event, you authorize the organization to make use of photos and video material produced during the event for communication purposes.

19 Dicembre



h. 18:00


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