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Innovation, training,
culture in the heart of Catania.
Isola, your place to be.

Isola is the place in Catania that enables innovation and entrepreneurship, offers opportunities for training and discussion, co-working spaces to experiment with new ways of working and a wide and varied cultural proposal to stimulate creativity and boost expertise. An island in the island, an open and hyper-connected space, in the heart of the city and in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.


Smart & South Working.

Working at isola’s co-working space means choosing among different spaces, based on your needs and only as long as you need to, from a single day to an entire year, with maximum flexibility.

If your team grows, all you need to do is move on to a dedicated office, continuing to make the most of all our shared facilities.

You can also locate your company’s registered or operational office here, to benefit from the advantages reserved to start-ups and businesses operating in southern Italy.



Your next event space.

In the very centre of Catania, just a few steps away from the sea and the most important monuments of the city.

Inside a wonderful Baroque building with centuries of history and immersed in the greenery and the tranquillity of the private gardens of the palace.

A harmonious coexistence between ancient and modern, art and technology, design and usability.

Organizing an event at isola means creating a unique and precious experience for all attendees and giving them the opportunity to come into contact with our vibrant community.



Palazzo Biscari

In the heart of Baroque.

Isola’s home is Palazzo Biscari, the most important private historic building in Catania.

Magnificent example of Sicilian Baroque, built after the 1693 Sicily earthquake, it is a UNESCO world heritage site together with the other components of the late Baroque towns of the Val di Noto.


How can we help you?

To book a tour at isola, know more about our co-working proposals, use our event spaces, propose a partnership, tell us about your start-up or for any other idea or need for information you may have, don’t hesitate to write to us, we will answer in no time!

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