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The place to be.

Leave. Return. Stay.

Which is the right place to build?

One was born in the heart of Catania, an island in the island where talents, start-ups and companies cooperate to create positive impacts, together.

Isola is the ideal place to train, do business, experiment with the work of the future and enjoy art and culture, where expectations, career and life paths meet, generating value.

Join us, become part of the new innovation community in Sicily.

The cradle of sparks


We are a hub that promotes and supports the birth and growth of business projects, start-ups, and innovative SMEs.


In our training centre, you will find learning and growth opportunities with local talents


Isola is also a testing ground for the future of work, it is home to the south workers who want to create work in southern Italy.


Isola is a place of discovery, inspiration, creation and encounter with art and culture through events, workshops, concerts, exhibitions./p>

How can we help you?

To book a tour at isola, know more about our co-working proposals, use our event spaces, propose a partnership, tell us about your start-up or for any other idea or need for information you may have, don’t hesitate to write to us, we will answer in no time!

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