Smart & South Working

Isola is the hub that enables innovation and gives voice to creativity.

Start-ups and companies, freelancers and south workers, designers, and creative talents: learn about our solutions and services, explore our co-working spaces in Catania and give a home to your ideas

The islands in the island

Find your natural habitat

Each environment is named after a Mediterranean island and has unique features.

You can choose your ideal space, based on the type of activity and the way of working you prefer: alone or with a group, inside or outside, in an open space or a dedicated space, at the table or on the armchair.

Make yourself comfortable; at isola, you are at home.



  • Living

  • Coworking

  • Office

  • Meeting Room

  • Training/Events

  • Phone Booth

Waited on hand and foot.

Learn about the diverse services and activities made available by isola.

  • Accoglienza & Reception

  • Connettività premium

  • 24/7 access

  • Registered and/or Operational Office

  • Receipt of Correspondence

  • Meeting room/Event spaces

  • Storage

  • Food & Hospitality

  • Pets friendly

  • Training and Workshops

  • Open Innovation

  • Business Matching

  • Talent Recruiting

  • Community Activities

  • Events

  • Cultural Activities

  • Communication

  • Affiliations

Come vivere isola

Daily /
Weekly Pass

Work at isola live co-working space for a day with the Daily Pass or up to 8 days, even if not consecutive, with the Weekly Pass.

You can connect with our community, try the quality of work of our spaces, test new services and attend events and networking activities.

The real way to work smart, with a mix of home and office, concentration and sharing.

Hot /
Fix Desk

With our monthly rent solutions, isola becomes your home.

With Hot Desk you will get access to a shared workstation and the services of the isola live area. Ideal for freelancers.

Fix Desk, instead, guarantees you a dedicated workstation in the isola work area, 24/7 access, the possibility to leave your screen and computer, and many other services. Ideal for small working groups

your business

Isola is the ideal place to host the registered and/or operational office of your start-up, company, association.

Why? Because of the locating benefits, such as tax concessions policies, substantial public funds earmarked to southern Italy, and great availability of talents.

But most of all because the future of innovation and work, the key to our country’s growth, the frontier to explore and where to experiment with, is the South.


An all-inclusive solution, isola becomes a home for your company and your team.

An entire dedicated office in the isola work area and the possibility to use all the available facilities, such as meeting rooms, training and events spaces, phone booths, and all isola’s cutting-edge services and technology.

How can we help you?

To book a tour at isola, know more about our co-working proposals, use our event spaces, propose a partnership, tell us about your start-up or for any other idea or need for information you may have, don’t hesitate to write to us, we will answer in no time!

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